7 Free and Effective Ways To Promote Your Instagram Dropshipping business

Instagram is not just a social platform where you show off your lifestyle, your lunch and vacation pictures. If you’re into dropshipping, Instagram can serve you unimaginable purposes without costing a thing.

Some of the features that have made this social network an ideal promotional tool for ecommerce is listed below;

  • It’s visual and allows for demonstration
  • It costs nothing
  • It lets you create awareness about your ecommerce site
  • It allows you to communicate with your customersIt lets you sort for a new audience and reaches out to them.
  • You can advertise and publish your ads on Instagram

Now check out some of the means of promotion with Instagram. Imagine a social network you can leverage to build your brand reputation and sell more; read on to find out how to do this.

1. Make Your Bio So Appealing

Your prospects are likely to see your bio when they check your profile; this is where the main information about your ecommerce store and its terms lie. Now check out how to craft great bio for your Instagram dropshipping business profile.

  • What does your store offer? Why is it unique? Just give a brief about your store, its focus, the main products it sells and does well to use emojis as text dividers.
  • Be clear with your store’s contact info. It should include your store’s email address, phone number and social media channels. They must be active and available so that visitors can easily get across to you and make their enquiries.
  • Make use of hashtags, and do well to incorporate the major hashtag on your bio. With this, your customers and audience can easily know the hashtag to use whenever they want to share your post, experience or post anything related to your store. You can draw on these mentions to review and boost your online store.

You should be conscious not to write a lengthy bio, around 140 – 160 characters is fine. With this range, even newbies can take a look and understand what you offer in brief, as well get in touch with you if need be.

2. Use of Hashtags in your Instagram posts

Earlier, we highlighted on hashtags and how it can improve your online store activities. Now, let’s take a look at it in full.

Hashtags do more functions than you think; check some of them out below.

  • You get to reach a wider audience and bring in new customers when you use hashtags. Including relevant and trendy hashtags to your posts will make people looking for similar things to see your posts, thereby creating more awareness about your brand. However, don’t use too many hashtags, so you don’t bore your followers and make your posts appear like spam.
  • Hashtags will let you know what your customers think about your brand. You can determine how satisfied a customer is when they use your hashtag to share their experience. You can also enjoy a wider audience because your customer’s friends and families get to see your brand when your customers use your hashtags.
  • Since you offer many products grouped into various categories, hashtags can help your readers to filter posts and find the exact category or even product type they need.
  • Hashtags help you create a reputable brand identity as people will remember your hashtag and use it to spot your stores or refer others to it. That’s why your hashtag, in this sense, has to be unique.

Do well not to include all your hashtags in the post text; you can add some as the first comment or separate them using text dividers or even a blank space.

3. Build Automated Service

If you manage your Instagram dropshipping business account with full attention and patience, you’ll understand that it takes much time. Starting from articulating a good post idea to picture editings, video and post creation, it calls for an automated system.

You can channel your time to other important things to do, and automate your Instagram dropshipping business account. Go for the automated service option that suits your business needs, and you’ll likely get one that allows you to do the following:

  • Schedule your posts
  • Control and monitor comments on your posts
  • Make research to find hashtags

You can use Ali2Woo plugin to run dropshipping business and then promote your store through Instagram account.

4. Manual Post Addition

Without a doubt, automatic posting is nice and gives you ample time to run other things. But one of your key marketing strategies lie on the post you create manually. Such post brings out the “human-management” part of your account, and you can make your posts more human-friendly.

The way out is to mix automated posts with manual posting. You can as well reach out to your supplier and ask for custom packaging. You can also strike a deal and pay for just a few numbers of a very special product.

5. Videos are Powerful

In dropshipping business, most experts can’t talk about their business without making mention of videos and how effective they are when it comes to marketing.

  • Videos speak a lot. It tells much about a product.  While making the video, you can include slides of your products showing different parts of a product from various angles. Demonstrate how one can use it without hassle. For every ecommerce store, this idea is great. Your customers can’t touch the items before purchasing them, so they count on what your videos show and teach them.
  • Videos are very compelling and fun. When you post catchy videos, your subscribers are likely to share them, thereby boosting your brand awareness.
  • You can tweak your videos and not bound yourself with showing your “how to use” videos. Do something different sometimes, you can show educate your audience on how to chose products.

Here’s a trick; if you can get a video of a happy customer while unpacking their items, or when picking their products, share it on your handle. It’s not just engaging but builds your dropshipping business trust.

6. Explore Instagram Galleries

The introduction on Gallery allows users to upload up to 10 videos of photos per post. This is a mile stone for those in the dropshipping business. You can leverage this and stop wasting your time to create collages or bore your followers with a series of posts that shows similar things or products.

How can Galleries be useful to your dropshipping business?

  • Display many products at a go. Whether it’s new arrivals, exclusives or special offers, just put them together in one post using the gallery feature, so you don’t bore your readers or viewers.
  • The gallery feature is apt for creating catchy shoutouts. Pay for a prepaid post on someone’s account and make use of many photos and videos just for a post.
  • Display your products from various angles. As a good alternative to video, you can display some catchy details of your product by taking many shots and combining all into a single post.

7. Instagram Stories

Unlike the post feature of Instagram where people share moments and pictures which are always there on their accounts, the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Likewise, these stories are shown to subscribers.

How can one into dropshipping business leverage this feature to achieve better marketing and business goals?

You can arouse the interest of your readers by making your brand appear human-like and personal. You can interact with your reads via the story section. Set up contests, let your readers share their view but don’t spam their views. Ask them to repost and share your posts via their stories, and you’re sure to reach a wider audience.

Ali2Woo lets you build a store your visitors can’t resist when you bring them in from Instagram. Likewise, several plugins exist that will help automate your Instagram dropshipping business account management. This is part of what your ecommerce success requires, and you can’t let it pass you by.

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