How to Find and Choose Quality Suppliers on AliExpress?

Do you know that your success in dropshipping business lies somewhat on your choice of suppliers? The reason is not far-fetched. Your customer’s feelings are affected by the products and services you offer them, and that is why you need a quality and reliable supplier even before kicking off with your dropshipping business. Choosing a quality supplier is paramount; it doesn’t just ensure your customers get quality service and products but one that serves them rightly afterward.

6 Factors You Must Consider To Choose a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier

You don’t have to forget the six vital factors that help you choose a good supplier for your dropshipping business.

  • Affordability: Of course, you want to make the profit; that is one of the major reasons you’re in business. Various suppliers have their different prices for a particular product; you need to do your research properly to find those with the best deals without compromising quality.
  • Reliability: You have to note that you own and run your business, and your customers will blame you and not your supplier if anything goes wrong. You need a reliable supplier who delivers as advertised, one who can deliver products within the time frame you announce to your customers. It’s also necessary to ask those who are already into ecommerce to suggest good suppliers, then make your research.
  • Top Quality: Good quality is synonymous with high cost, but ensuring top quality goes beyond just that. Product packaging, brand label, and even transit protection go to define your product and service quality. You need to choose a supplier who prioritizes these and do well to discuss these with them before you opt to use their service.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: When doing dropshipping business, some pop-ups will appear on your site. To create a good shopping experience, you need strong and responsive customer support that can listen to the needs of your customers and help them out swiftly.
  • Shared Culture: Shared culture objectives house good supplier relationship, and that is why you need to discuss with your supplier to let you know if your potential business relationship will be hassle-free.
  • Offer Relevant Product Option: It’s often better to choose a supplier that can offer you a wide variety of product within the category you know. You can get better deals with such suppliers and can ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Tips for Finding Quality and Reliable Suppliers on AliExpress

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs choose AliExpress as their marketplace, and many of them have attained remarkable success. You too can hit your milestone when you choose your supplier from AliExpress. Before you proceed, here are some tips you can’t afford to miss if you want to get a quality and reliable supplier on AliExpress.

  • Don’t always Fall for the Cheapest Prices

    Literally, quality is synonymous with high price. Suffice it to be that prices go down with quality on AliExpress. With this in mind, you don’t have to feel you have got a juicy offer when you bump on the lowest price. Make your research and find the price range from most sellers and any odd price most probably indicates compromised quality. It’s good to know that Chinese sellers on AliExpress often have tight margins.

  • Purchase from Sellers That Have 95%+ Positive Rating

    When you talk about seller evaluation on AliExpress, you shouldn’t undermine Positive Feedback Rate and Feedback Score. While the Positive Feedback Rate indicates the rate of feedback the supplier has gotten over time, the Feedback Score shows the volume of sales made by the seller. To make a good decision, keep your eyes on Feedback Scores of 2,000 or more, and 95%+ Positive Feedback rate.


    However, sellers passing these don’t mean they are a perfect choice. Likewise, some sellers with lower ratings and scores can even outperform those with higher rates. Another good tip is to stay away from products that have not gotten any feedback. Apparently, you wouldn’t want your customers to be the testers, and possibly pour their bad experiences – this kills your brand. You can import AliExpress reviews from your site too.

  • Don’t Fall for Fake Brand Products

    The truth is that most of your customers want quality products and some of them are ready to pull out any amount to have what they want. Imagine selling fake brand products to them; you’re just killing your store gently. On AliExpress, most sellers don’t sell authentic brand products. You can always avoid brand products in your store as you may hardly find authentic brand products on AliExpress.
    choose supplier avoid fake goods

  • Never Join the “Out of Stock” Team

    No one would cheerfully want to tell their customers they are out of stock. When you do, you don’t just lose customers but trust too. Here’s the way to go; get more than one supplier for the same or related products, so you don’t run out of products to sell to your customers.
    If your first supplier goes out of stock, you can fall back on your second supplier, even if it entails selling a slightly different version of what the previous supplier used to offer. When cases like this arise, you may make no profit or even lose a few bucks in the process; the aim is to maintain a large customer base that can always return and shop anytime confidently.
    choose supplier avoid out of stock

  • Order Samples

    Now, you have completed your due diligence and found a couple of suppliers you can buy from; it’s time to test orders. If you have the financial power, you can place about 3 to 5 orders with various sellers and check their delivery time, product quality and shipping package. You can wait till the products are up on your stores before you order samples, but the best is to order before putting them up for sale in your store. After every evaluation, the test order can be the last point of your supplier evaluation. Once your suppliers pass this and meet your requirement, you can use them.

  • General Tips for Safety – Buyers’ Safety Policy

    You need to know this and understand your rights on AliExpress. As a buyer, you’re entitled to a Full Refund if a customer doesn’t get an ordered product. Likewise, a Partial Refund is granted if the received item is not as described by the seller. You can click on Open Dispute if you wish to get a refund due to the seller’s inability to deliver within the said time or if the delivery is not as described. You can discuss possible solutions with the seller or go ahead to Escalate Dispute to if you’re not satisfied with the seller’s suggestions. At this point, AliExpress will resolve the issue.

Dropshipping from AliExpress gives a fair share to everyone. While AliExpress as a platform gets its share of the revenue, you make your sales and get your profits while the suppliers also gain. Get Ali2Woo plugin today, choose quality and reliable suppliers, and take your e-commerce business to another level!

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