How to Start Up Dropshipping Business Expertly in 2018?

If you’re obsessed with being an entrepreneur, then starting a dropshipping
business is a good way to start. It lets you sell your products at your desired prices
and even promote your brand. One of the fascinating things about dropshipping is
that you only pay for inventories when customers buy. It’s not rocket science; if
you’re committed, you can make a good fortune doing dropshipping business. Sit
back, relax and read while we open your eyes to the right market, product, and
low budget marketing ideas to help you get started as a fresh entrepreneur.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshiping business is an online business where you find your customers and sell them products which your manufacturer ships to your customers on your behalf.

Working Model of Dropshipping Business

No one can ever run a dropshipping business successfully without these three factors; the consumer, manufacturer, and retailer.

In a dropshipping business, the manufacturer makes the products and caters to all that involves shipping the created products, accepting and changing products all on behalf of the retailer. Manufacturers sell to retailers at wholesale prices while considering possible unsold products.

The retailer is the next in line; you market the products created by the manufacturer under your branded website. You choose the products to market and also cater to customers’ complaints and inquiries.

The customer is in the end, as they buy the products created by the manufacturer and marketed by the retailer. They are entitled to ask their questions and make complaints directly to the retailer.

Why You Need to Start Dropshipping Business Today?

Dropshipping business comes with low risk as you only pay for the products that are sold to customers who pay. With dropshipping business, you don’t cater to product creation or incur costs of maintaining unsold products, paying employees and even shipping. It’s an opportunity to break into the entrepreneurship world. You may need some time to process orders which are automated; you just need to start.

Starting Your Dropshipping Business in a 3 steps

1. Select the Right Dropshipping Business Ideas

If you must excel in dropshipping, you don’t need to undermine the products you sell, and that is why you need to source for the best dropshipping ideas. You must have heard “choose a niche you have a passion for”, that’s not all. You should blend your passion with the quest for profit. You can always develop a better passion for your niche when it becomes profitable.

dropshipping business ideas

At Ali2Woo, we keep you stress-free and save your time by helping you make comprehensive lists of trending products. Apparently, you wouldn’t want to go into a niche without any competition, and that’s where trendy products come in handy. Beauty, tech, fashion, backpacks, and jewelry have remained trendy with top online stores venturing and making it big. Your choice of niche is important, spend some time doing your due diligence.

If you want to go with your dropshipping ideas other than our comprehensive list of trending products, here are a few ideas to hold on to:

  • Follow Google Trends to know if a niche belongs to an upward or downward trend. But then, you have to consider some other factors as Google Trends alone is not enough to take your decisions, some upward trends may have poor search volume.
  • Opt for Google’s Keyword Planner to find the search volume of keywords. You may want to find a friend who owns a premium version of Keyword Planner to help you find smaller ranges of keyword volumes. This helps you make better decisions on pursuing the keywords for your niche.
  • Make your research on social media; conduct competitor analysis and browse Facebook ads as well as top social media pages in your niche. Check out their engagement and how they do their marketing, spot out what they are doing right and copy what’s right.
  • Browse to find trendy websites in your niche. Take, for instance; a fashion store will grade its products into categories – this will give you an insight into the categories you may need in your store. You can as well check out other stores’ best selling products to get ideas.
  • Check out the products’ order volume. With Ali2Woo, you can check out products in line with their order volume to give you an insight into how trendy any product is. However, don’t be too quick to discard a product with somewhat lower order volume than others.
  • Get this; trends aren’t the most profitable droshipping ideas, but dropshipping business ideas that have trends in them. Check this out; the fashion niche has Denim clothing as a trend. Likewise, the beauty niche has eyelashes as a trend, and so on. You don’t necessarily need your niche to be trendy but your particular products to ensure long-term sustenance.

2. Create the Ideal Dropshipping Business

Creating an ideal dropshipping business has some components; read on to check out some of these components:

  • Domain Name – You can never undermine the need for a good domain name if you’re poised to create a successful long-term business. For ideas on business names, you can check out Business Name Generators, and do well to choose a .com domain. Get this; if you must include a keyword in your domain name, go for niche keywords such as fashion, beauty and not narrowed keywords or product name. Likewise, don’t use your name in your domain name.
  • Set up your WordPress/WooCommece store – WooCommerce stands out as a unique and most easy-to-use ecommerce plugin for WordPress CMS. With a long list of enhanced features, tools, and apps being introduced often, it’s easy to sell on this platform. You can always reach out to experts to help you out if you encounter any hitch.
  • WooCommerce Themes – As a beginner, you may want to go for free themes, but once you start making money, you can purchase premium themes to improve your store designs.
  • Install Ali2WooAli2Woo makes it easier for ecommerce retailers to source and find products they can sell the same day online. Despite how trendy your niche is, Ali2Woo helps you find some products. Keep your eyes on about 10 – 25 products for a start – this is because crafting engaging product descriptions can be quite a hassle when the number of your product exceeds this range. You can ask your questions and make your inquiries via Ali2Woo support center, Ali2Woo’s social media pages or blog.

3. Market Your Dropshipping Products Massively

Now you’ve your store ready, and you’ve had the products you want to sell, it’s time to do the marketing. Without a doubt, this is a vital part of your dropshipping business, and if you can achieve this, then you’re already on your path to ecommerce success. You can imagine the feeling of making your first sales. Check out some of the proven marketing strategies you can embark on to get impressive results:

  • Facebook Advertising: The truth is your first ad may not even get any conversion; it’s normal. However, don’t be tempted to spend $500 at a go or back off on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Create another ad with a minimal budget if the first fails to convert; in fact, set up many ads as you can’t tell your winning products at this point. Target the world in your ads but remove USA, UK, Australia, and Canada from your target audience. You may want to set up respective ads for each of these places when you must have earned something from your business; the reason is to keep your ad cost on a low.
  • Retarget Your Ads: To keep the budget low, you need to retarget your ads especially when you’re on a tight budget. If your store gets massive traffic, perhaps from Pinterest or your blogs posts that featured influencers are now being shared for free; then retargeting your ads will yield great results. When you retarget, you get the most of the free traffic, which is possible conversion. A cheap and possible way of making sales.
  • Influencer Marketing: As a beginner, you may find it difficult to pay influencers the rate they charge. When you offer influencers commission for sales, you cut down your dropshiping risk while the influencers ensure conversion is achieved. With this advertising option, you’ll get some photos that will take your social proof up a notch. Depending on the influencers, they can generate better amounts than they would have made if they were given a flat rate and this makes them strive to get better conversions for you.
  • Opt for Free Media Coverage: You can find tools and subscribe to email lists where reporters can get across to fetch stories they use for their articles. While some are seeking product recommendation, others are looking to get influencers. Anyway, you can still get some sales if you still have the free traffic running. You can add the link to your product and not just your homepage. Likewise, use your brand’s name as the name to embed the link (hyperlink).

Bottom Line

Wham! You can now start up your dropshipping business and earn with time. Do well to follow and implement some of the ideas discussed above in your store and work towards carving a niche for your brand and becoming an entrepreneur. Kindly leave a comment or contact Ali2Woo team on our social pages. Start that dropshipping business today, and you’ll be glad you did.

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