What You Need to Know about ePacket Shipping

The world is gradually moving to the “online side,” many people are now buying online and outside their country. As entrepreneurs, we need to be conscious of these changes, and one business aspect that keeps changing is shipping.

Buying items from China has become lot easier, all because of ePacket shipping. However, to be at an advantage over China merchants, it’s necessary to know what ePacket shipping is and why it keeps growing popular as a shipping method from Hong Kong and China.

If you source products from AliExpress using Ali2Woo and dropship to customers, then you can’t fail to miss reading this article. You’ll get to learn how ePacket shipping works.

Epacket Shipping and Tracking

China and Hong Kong merchants often offer this shipping option, as it allows them to provide affordable and faster shipping for low-weight packages. Back in 2011, United States Postal Services declared a new shipping service and terms with eBay China and HongKong Post. This declaration allows items from Hong Kong and China to get USPS First Class Mail Service alongside a confirmation service for delivery.

Just like the name, “e”Packet, this shipping option was made for ecommerce business, to ensure affordable and faster package delivery from online stores when they make purchases. Before the evolution of ePacket Shipping, China EMS stood out as the only affordable shipping option, but it often takes a month or more for customers to receive their goods. There existed other faster options, but their costs are much even for inexpensive items.

ePacket Tracking and How it Works

ePacket delivery option allows customers to track their items without incurring additional costs. Through official websites like USPS and EMS, customers can monitor their packages. On the side of the merchants, when customers don’t get their packages, the undeliverable mail is shipped back with no extra cost.

If any package meets the ePacket delivery standards, any China merchant can use ePacket shipping option. That’s why you always see ePacket listed as a shipping option offered by China merchants on sites like eBay and AliExpress.

ePacket Delivery Requirements

United States Postal Service advocates that some requirements be met before a package is considered ideal for ePacket shipping. Basically, the package’s maximum length should be 60 cm (24”), while the total height, length, and width of the package should be less than or equal to 90cm (36”).

Likewise, the weight of the package should not be more than 4.4lbs (2kg), and the value should not be more than $400. Also, the package should be shipped from China or Hong Kong to any of the listed 35 countries.

Countries with ePacket Shipping Availability

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Gibraltar
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

How Long Does ePacket Shipping Take to Reach Its Destination Country?

Shipping times are not strictly fixed as some factors like customs, destination, holidays among others vary. Unlike other shipping options, ePacket shipping appears to offer a more consistent option when it comes to average shipping period.

Averagely, ePacket shipping to the US takes about 10-20 days to arrive, counting from the very date of sending the shipment. However, other countries may experience likely or a bit longer shipping time. While half of the aforementioned time is spent to get to the destination, the other half is spent routing to the right facilities before it gets to the consumer.

Note that this is fast compared to the countless packages that are processed daily, and the number of stops each package undergoes. The impressive part of the whole thing is that packages can be tracked. This reassures customers and gives them peace while they await their packages.

How is ePacket Tracking Done?

You can track your ePacket delivery to monitor and locate it; this gives you an idea of how close your package is to you.

You can track your orders using any of the official websites. This depends on where your package is in transit. Use EMS and USPS to track your shipments when they are in China and USA respectively.
If you can’t find your way through these sites, you can use a third party tracking service such as Package Mapping, 17TRACK, Package Trackr or AfterShip.

Finally, if you bought your items from sites like AliExpress, you can see your package status when you view your Order Details.

Please note that Ali2Woo plugin has the built-in feature to get tracking codes for AliExpress orders  and also there is the special tracking add-on that you can use as the tracking tool for your orders in WooCommerce.

Ascertaining if Your Package is an ePacket Delivery

If you’re placing your order via AliExpress, click View Details, right under your Orders. Navigate to Logistics Information, and the shipping option will be under International Shipping Company. If your package were shipped using the ePacket option, you would see “ePacket” with the tracking number.

In other cases when you don’t buy from AliExpress, you can ascertain the shipping option used by checking the tracking number. “L” starts any tracking number of items shipped via ePacket, and if you can’t find any tracking number, then the package was not shipped via ePacket shipping option.

Do Customers Pay Taxes/Customs/Duties with ePacket Shipping Option?

ePacket deliveries, just like most other shipping options undergo custom clearances, and this may warrant customers to bear extra costs. It’s necessary to check your local laws to know items that are eligible for taxes and when.

Make inquiries from the merchant shipping your packages to know if your packages will be charged for taxes upon arrival. Perhaps, they have shipped to your location severally and can tell if you will need to pay duties/taxes upon arrival.

What Will Be the Benefit If I Dropship Using AliExpress and ePacket?

When making decisions of products to dropship from AliExpress, ePacket should be put into consideration. With this shipping option, customers can get their items within a reasonable timeframe, as well track their orders while they await their shipment to get to them.

For customers and merchants, other shipping options may not offer what ePacket gives regarding reliability except very expensive shipping options from Hong Kong. ePacket is often offered as an inexpensive shipping option; you can dropship from AliExpress and import ePacket-products using Ali2Woo as a store owner.

What Small Business Owners Stand to Gain

If your shipping is done locally, you’ll have a competitive advantage of fast delivery; you should leverage on this. Some customers are not patience enough to wait for many weeks before they get their product, you have these as your customers.

It also starts with having a well-designed store, proper marketing and choosing the right shipping option that favors your business and customers. Ali2Woo lets you create responsive stores that your customers can relate with. ePacket shipping option makes packages reach your customers faster.

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