9 Proven Ways To Craft Product Descriptions That Sell

Sometimes, product descriptions don’t come easy, and even your expert copywriters can create descriptions that just describe what you sell. An ideal product description should sell your products.

Product Description: What is it?

A product description is simply a marketing copy that gives a detailed and comprehensive idea of a product and why it’s worth the amount and why prospects should buy such products. Product descriptions aim to feed the customers with the necessary details about the benefits of such products till they are enticed to buy.

There are no perfect rules to follow when writing descriptions, but these simple steps will guide you to write product descriptions that sell.

Hone Your Focus On Ideal Buyers

Often, when you create copies for products with a large crowd in mind, you probably end up not addressing anyone, and this happens when you go with product description templates.

Here’s the real deal; write to target your ideal buyers directly. Personalize your descriptions to have “you” as the addressee and give answers to the possible questions your readers might have in mind. Firstly, you have to place yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers and imagine the humor they appreciate. Will your target buyers sit well with your choice of adjectives? You need to incorporate the language that is sure to be what your buyers can relate with easily.

Blow the Benefits

If you are a product manager or have a product to sell, you often get excited at the features and benefits. It’s up to you to entice your audience with these benefits and make them buy. The fact is that your potential buyers want to know what they will get when they opt for your product. Do well to highlight the benefits of the features of your products.

Take out time to consider the features of the product you advertise, and their respective benefits and make sure you sell and experience to each customer and not just products. How can your product make your customers happier, more productive, healthier or smarter? What are the problems it can solve?

Do Away With Yeah, Yeah Phrases

It’s common for average writers to get stuck for words. When you get to that point when you can’t think of any other thing but to say “high quality and excellent product quality,” you are losing it. Most of your potential buyers will believe that no seller will call their product “non-excellent and less quality.”

Your description will probably fail to sell when your potential buyers read your copy and bump on yeah, yeah words many times. To get rid of this, try to describe the details and technical features and their benefits. Create an impression of quality and not just telling them the quality. An ideal combination of features and benefits of such products in your niche is the real deal.

Make Use of Superlatives

Superlatives work best only when you can prove how and why your product is the best as advertised. When you want to write a product description that sells, you need superlatives, and you should explain why you make such claims with your superlatives.

If what you offer stands out as the best, truly, then you must have to provide proofs. Otherwise, there is the need to tone down the emphasis and possibly quote a customer that attests to the efficacy of your product.

Go for your Readers’ imagination

It has been proven scientifically that people’s desire to own a product increases when they hold such product in their hands. But as an online seller, your buyers can’t hold your product. Instead, they can just see it. There’s a way to increase their desire to own your product – make them think how it would feel having and using your product.

Now, to get this idea into your product description job, begin with the word ‘imagine’ and end the sentence by explaining how your audience would feel like using your product.

Chip in Mini-stories to Flow

If you have ever read some product description examples and end up finding countless reasons to buy such product without even knowing that the seller is persuading you to buy, then you must have read a description with mini-stories. Here’s it; when you include mini-stories in your product description, you tent to reduce the rational barriers and make your potential buyers buy without knowing you’re pushing them to buy. For instance, if you are in the wine niche, you may want to tell a short and enticing story about winemakers.

Before you tell a story in your description, it’s wise to ask yourself a few questions whose answers will guide you:

  • Who are the makers of your product?
  • What’s the inspiration behind the product?
  • What were the challenges during the production process?
  • What were the testing processes like?

Pick some Sensory Words

Using sensory words engage the brain processing power is paramount for writing product descriptions that sell. Sensory words boost sales. Sensory adjectives offer better persuasion and are powerful to make your readers want to experience what you are telling them. Go for words like crunchy, smooth, crisp, velvety, and many more, depending on your niche.

Tie the Interest of your Audience with Social Proof

Most times when your prospects are looking for things to buy, they tend to go in line with suggestions. They value the suggestions of people who had been in their shoes – buyers. Products with a high number of reviews tend to attract more buyers. Now, you have to draw on this to add more social proof to your product descriptions.

You may want to include the image of a person to add credibility to the quotes you will use. Likewise, this gives a personal and encouraging approach to customers, making them want to know more and buy. The products your customers buy most should be highlighted on your site because more people are likely to buy.

Scannable Description Rules

How is your web design? Is it encourageable to customers? Get this; your product descriptions should be clear, and scannable with designs that make it easier for visitors to read and buy. Check out some areas you must focus if you want to create a compelling design for your product description.

  • Go with catchy headlines
  • Make your bullet points clear
  • Go for white spaces
  • Larger fonts are always better

Writing Compelling Product Descriptions

Write with enthusiasm, and share the details of the product, giving a detailed insight. With a contagious passion for your product, write copies that are not boring but enticing and sure to turn your audience into buyers.

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