Make Your First Sale Within 30 Days: A Checklist For New Entrepreneurs

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, getting your first sale is always significant progress, but completing the deal requires more focus and time. With the numerous ways available on how to market a product, it can be quite a decision-filled activity to make the best for your business.

In a bid to attain perfection, you might tweak your store endlessly, making you lose focus on the core activity of getting visitors, who buy, to your store. Now, if you have launched your store already, spend the coming 30 days to focus on driving traffic that will most probably cause sales on your site.

Table Of Contents

  1. Targeted Traffic is Paramount for Your New Store
  2. Free Traffic Generation – Go for the Fruits Hanging at the Low End
  3. Paid Advertising: Make More Money By Spending
  4. Outreach: Link Up With Existing Audiences
  5. Step Out and Grow

Targeted Traffic is Paramount for your New Store

As a young entrepreneur with a new online store, it’s often common to think you’re improving your business. Ranging from nitpicking colors to sticking yourself to minor details, you’ll always think you’re working.

On the other hand, actual business improvement only occurs when you let the world know your brand exists and come for it. To actually track your improvement, you need to set a benchmark that has hard figures, which when you hit, you can believe you’re growing your new business. Traffic is what you need mainly to become a successful entrepreneur. Without traffic, you wouldn’t know if your products have interested audience, or if they have high prices.

Just Before You Start!

If a traffic source and tactics don’t suit your store, leave it. For instance, if you’re looking for how to sell a product like computer keyboards, you wouldn’t want to work on Pinterest. With Google Analytics, it’s easier to watch traffic performance from various marketing sources. Be set to spend the coming 30 days working on targeted traffic generation and hit your first sale.

Free Traffic Generation – Go for the Fruits Hanging at the Low End

If you’re just starting and looking to make your first sale, it’s wise to go for free traffic first. It entails sharing what you offer, and your store entirely with various online communities and networks. These free traffic sources are just idea for young entrepreneurs and are available to virtually everyone.

Before you opt for free traffic source, have these in mind.

First Tip – Offer discounts to attract people to your store.

Second Tip – Many of the actions taken online can pull back traffic to your online store, and you could hit your first sale with this. Do well to insert the link to your store in your various online profiles, including Twitter, Disqus among others.

Third Tip – Be careful not to spam your audiences with low promotional messages and repetitive contents. Make engaging connections and offer value.

Explore your Personal Networks

You can never underestimate the power of your personal connections. Share your store contents and links on your personal social media accounts. Send emails to your closest connections and let them know your brand and what you offer. Let them support you through donations.

Although the sales you get from you close connections might not be as impressive as when you have a total stranger buy from your store. The truth is you might still not make your first sale from your personal connections; it shouldn’t discourage you.

Tap into the Benefits of Online Communities

As an entrepreneur seeking to make sales, join various online communities and put your links on the posts you share to these forums. Facebook groups, Reddit, and other communities online can be the place your first customer will come from. These forums have members who have interests in one or more things; check out groups with interests in your niche, join them, be active and sell later with discount codes, if possible.

Paid Advertising: Make More Money by Spending

When you think about how to market a product, the best way to generate traffic that converts is through paid advertising. Most of the paid advertising options allow you to pay per click, and you can start with a low budget.

Each platform that allows advertisement has their unique approach and their audience. Before you choose, ensure they are good for your interest and allows you to target a specific audience. It’s good to upload your profile’s feed with many posts that will surely engage your audience when they visit.

Marketing on Facebook

"Facebook remains one of the trendiest social networks that have a wide user base regarding ethnicity, age, gender and income."
Pew Research.

Little wonder, different brands can draw on Facebook marketing and targeting features to reach their target customers. With some existing Facebook pages that have many likes, you can build ideal buyer profiles. This determines who your ads get to. However, this works best if you are looking to sell a product that you already know what and how your customers want it.

Advertising on Instagram

Unlike many people know, Instagram doesn’t just have millennials who are obsessed with visual contents. Smart Insights data reveals that Instagram has highly engaged users when compared to other social networks. While you need to pay influencers to do shout out for your products, your regular unpaid posts can reach a large number of an audience than you expect when you use relevant hashtags. Here’s a trick; you might want to post your visual ads in the feeds of other brands to generate traffic to your site.

Pinterest Advertising

While some people fail to market on Pinterest, you can leverage on this to drive more traffic to your store and make your first sale. Pinterest has more female users with disposable income. This social platform allows you to drive both paid and unpaid traffic to your store.

Pinterest has a number of tools to let you promote your offering, ranging from Buyable Pins to Promoted Pins. It allows users to create boards where they collect and save Pins in line with unique themes. Users can plan events, save articles that catch their interests and curate wardrobes.

Google Ads

Google is one of the most used search engines. People often look up for what they want on Google before buying. Google AdWords, currently known as Google Ads lets your site come up on search results when your potential customers search for your offering.

Basically, you need to search for keywords and their volumes and know what your audience searches often. Get a Google Ads expert to help rank your store high on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Outreach: Link Up With Existing Audiences

When you are always the one promoting your brand, it could be a bit hard to convince your audience and promote to them. The internet makes it easier to partner with others and have them promote your brand to your audience.

This tactics don’t just help to drive traffic but create convincing contents such as review and story that builds your brand’s credibility. With this idea, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Partner with Bloggers

You may not know this; publishers are always looking to have fresh contents to publish. When you have an interesting product with a good story, you might be lucky to win a spot on a publication that your typical customers often read. Bloggers who blog on your niche can partner with you and help you promote your offerings through contents. Through this way, you can secure your first sale.

Check out how you can partner with bloggers:

  • Guest posting: Write and submit posts to high authority sites that have your audience as their readers. Put your store links on your bio which will appear under the author’s bio.
  • Seek for Product reviews: You might want to give one or more of your products to a blogger, who, in turn, gives you a review.
  • Interview-like Story: Use the story behind your unique product to have an interview-style piece.

Opt for Strategic Partnership

One of the best ways to put your products right in front of your audience is through strategic partnership.

Go for like-minded and non-competitive brands that already have the kinds of audience you’re looking for. This might take some time and opportunities to create this working.

  • Get into a contest with your product as the prize
  • Package your product samples or give discounts for those who go for your partner’s products
  • Opt to sponsor an event
  • Create products together

Go for Influencers

Despite how small your business is, an influencer can cause significant growth in your business. You can work with expert influencers who have audiences in your niche and can help you promote your products to their audience.

Instagram and YouTube influencers exist, and it’s easy to reach out to them to strike deals. Give them contents and let them promote these contents about your products, to their audience, and possibly help you make your first sale.

Guerilla Marketing

There are some traffic sources offline; you don’t have to tie your efforts online only. If you’re looking how to market a product and make your first sale, try marketing offline and let the word get out there.

For instance, if you sell dog collars, you may visit local dog parks and give dog owners flyers that promote your products (collars). Talk to them and give out a few samples at times.

Guerrilla marketing involves creativity and having the guts to walk up to someone and convince them to check out your site.

At this point, it’s obvious you have tried so many tactics to improve your traffic and make some sales. That’s not just what you should do. Take out time to set a benchmark to analyze your performance and improve it.

It’s time to diagnose the possible problems, check your analytics and the feedback you’ve gained during the period of promoting your store. If you have not been making sales, there could be some reasons.

  • High Bounce Rate – if your site visitors come and leave immediately, you will have low-quality traffic and your store will most probably take more time to load.
  • Visitors Don’t Add Products to their Carts – if your visitors leave your site without adding products to their cart, they don’t trust your store, or maybe you haven’t done the right marketing.
  • Abandoned Carts – if your visitors add products to their carts and abandon them, you may want to reconsider your shipping terms and pricing.

Step out and Grow

Driving traffic entails connecting the dots between your buyers and your brand in a world of numeric opportunities. There is never a particular approach to achieving this and making your first sale. You have to try, fail, explore and improve the way you market and sell your products. Step out and let the world know your store exists, then grow.

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