Marketing Ideas For Your Dropshipping Business

Marketing can be very tricky, and seemingly hard but possible even with a low budget. You’ll need to fund subsequent marketing from the proceeds of your dropshipping business.

Funnily but true, a dropshipping business can be quite profitable even after your very first sale, though some might take up to a week, a month or a year in some cases. It differs, and you can make things happen the way you want.

The best way to run your dropshipping business profitably is by having great marketing strategies and advertising plans on the ground, as well draw on Perceived Value. In the general market today, marketing strategies are quite the same as they foot on traffic generation.

To get started, you should have active social media accounts. You need to be active on social media platforms, and grow the number of followers your brand has. But then, you need to build brand trust, and awareness to create the path for your dropshipping store.

Marketing Tips To Build Your Brand Reputation And Generate Traffic That Converts

Post Daily Contents and Add Value to your customers

You want to post contents daily on various social media accounts – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram among others. Posting up to 3 times daily on Facebook crowns it all. Don’t just skip one or two days for any reason, do well to post daily. Consistency is key.

One of the tricks to Social Media is adding value to your visitors, prospects and readers. You shouldn’t bug them often with your company stories and contents about your products. Post contents about your industry at large, news and even contents from your competitors. Keep your audience updated with new introductions in the industry, including new products.

Go for free Traffic, and Instagram Influencers

While starting up, it could be quite difficult to carve out huge sums for advertising. You’re not alone. This is why you should utilize all the available free marketing methods. While this might take quite a long time to yield, you shouldn’t back off unless you have an unlimited budget to fund paid advertising.

When you must have generated some funds and ready to go for paid advertising, you should be tactical. Instagram Influencers are an excellent source of traffic generation that is most likely to convert. Ask for good influencers, and make your due diligence, pay them to post your products on your feeds. These Influencers can charge $5-$20 to post your offering for their wide and active audience to see and possibly come for what you sell. This is one of the cheapest paid advertising methods that bring great value for the money spent. It drives traffic to your store and increases your chances of making sales.

Facebook Re-targeting

Next up on the social advertising strategies is Facebook Retargeting. Ensure your store has Facebook Pixel before you set out for this option. You have to retarget all those who have visited your site earlier, through the paid advertising you opted for (Instagram Influencers), as well as their friends and families. Retargeting is quite cheaper than boosting your posts ordinarily.

Furthermore, you need to create Facebook Look-alike Audience ads to target those who added one or more of your products to their carts and purchased. At this point, you have to start with the customers you got from the Instagram advertising earlier.

Capture Emails and Start Email Campaigns

Another method of marketing your brand is through emails. Capture emails of those that visit your site using a delay-pop up that requests for their email addresses to send them newsletters. You may want to offer a coupon to make them drop their emails.

Next is setting your email campaigns. Create up to 3 emails weekly and ensure those on your list get these emails. These emails should highlight new products, coupon codes, surveys and many more. Adding links to YouTube videos, blog posts and other helpful information in your niche adds more value.

Remember, you don’t have to leave your prospects hanging. Be ready to answer questions, interact with all your customers willing to contact you, reply to the comments you get and make your prospects feel special. When you do all these, you’re sure to generate traffic to your store over time, causing more sales. However, you should be very consistent.

Do well to note that there are countless ways to generate traffic to your site including YouTube influencer marketing, pay-per-click advertising on search engines and creating classified posts for Craiglist and others.

Perceived Value

The truth is that some niches are more competitive, but it doesn’t affect your marketing campaign and your profitability. Despite the niche, you’re into, some products are more profitable than others, and they are often trendy.

The key thing is value addition. You need to add value to what you offer to your clients. Ranging from product image to product description and the level of perceived value you give your customers, you can sell more.

Now let’s take a look at this; assuming two dropshipping entrepreneurs buys a product from AliExpress and sells for $7 through ePacket shipping.

The first seller used the standard product description from the supplier and the stock photos for his store and sold for $17.99 with a shipping cost of $5.

The second seller placed an order for the same product, received it and crafted a more detailed product description, offered coupon codes and even warranty, and tags the price of this product as $45.99. To add more value, this seller offered this product at a discounted price of $27 with shipping fee inclusive.

Looking at the ‘value’ the latter seller offered virtually every buyer who compares the two sellers’ stores would want to go for the latter. This is because the latter appears to be of higher quality, more professional, and even enticing with the discount offer. The seller is offering perceived value.

Many customers don’t mind to pay more to have an item they perceive to have more value and quality. Now, if these stores were to be on the same marketing budget, it’s clear that the latter will make more sales and profit.

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