25 Killer Marketing Tricks For Better Ecommerce Sales in 2018

The ever-anticipated holiday period is here. Are you ready to cash out more with your ecommerce store? The level of income you generate this holiday season depends significantly on the marketing ideas you adopt.

If you’re up and searching for holiday marketing ideas, then you just bumped on the right spot. We will be showing you tested and proven holiday marketing ideas to help you maximize your reach, make more sales and scale up your profit this season.

5 Budget-friendly Marketing Ideas for this Holiday

You don’t need to burn your hand trying to grab different marketing campaigns. Here are some arrangements you need to make and consider.

  1. Offering loyalty programs or even referral bonus can make your customers enjoy discounts while referring your brand to others; these bring more sales. You may want to offer discounts to your customers who refer your brand and products to others successfully.
  2. One of the effective and budget-friendly ideas you need to tap from is building brand partnerships. With this, you outgrow the supposed reach on social media and make more sales. Partner and cross-promote products to increase sales and revenue this holiday season.
  3. Create holiday-themed videos and draw on your social media accounts and website to hype your products, as well as what each special day has to offer. Of course, you need to promote products that are well-sought after during the holiday season.
  4. Advertise your discounts and exclusive offers with social media marketing. It’s advisable to boost such posts with a little more budget to reach more audience who are likely to buy.
  5. Organize contents, as well as giveaways; let your customers participate perhaps by creating contents while you convert the best submissions into community spotlights.

Secret Halloween Marketing Ideas

Halloween brings the neighborhood together, and your ecommerce business needs to tap greatly from this holiday season.

  1. Make your store to be in line with the Halloween spirit visually. It’s a time for tricks or treats, make the visuals of your store give your customers and visitors a real feel for Halloween.
  2. Send out newsletters in line with Halloween visuals in the best way, and make them grab your discount opportunities with this period.
  3. One of the killer ideas is to organize giveaways to customers who send in their Halloween pictures. A social media ad campaign can create awareness for this and let your audience submit their Halloween pictures on your site or your social media channel. The best pictures will have their owners enjoy discounts and giveaways.
  4. Go for branded Halloween hashtags. Let your audience get involved with your programme by having them repost and use your bespoke hashtags on their posts. This will make your brand reach a wider audience.
  5. Let your product names flaunt Halloween themes. You just need to be creative here to put your audience in the mood with your spooky product names. You may not need to change the names of your products completely, but a little tweak in the right direction will do. If you don’t know, customers are fond of paying more attention to Halloween marketing campaigns, and you will most probably get them to buy.

Profit-themed Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, without a doubt, are well-acknowledged across the globe. They are one of the seasons marketers and buyers can’t wait for every year. Now check out how to increase your income as an ecommerce store owner during Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

  1. Raise expectations and blow minds with custom Black Friday Flash Sale. Do well to do these before Black Friday, as it doesn’t last forever. You may run a flash sale for just a few hours, but up to three days before the main day.
  2. Do the upsell and cross-sell thing at discounted prices. Find about three or four complementary products on your store and offer the entire products at discounted prices, you will be shocked at the sales you will generate with this trick.
  3. Put the “urgency” spice in your offers by making use of the timer feature in your promotions. Ordinarily, customers might skip your offer to get back to you later, but with a timer, they will be pushed to take actions immediately. Your promotion emails, social media posts, landing pages, and even products should have timer incorporated.
  4. Set up a referral program. Many people would buy because a family member or friend recommended your products to them.
  5. Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways of boosting your sales on Black Friday. Make your subscribers anticipate for what they can get during Black Friday, some weeks before. When you make them stay aware of the possible benefits of buying on Black Friday, they can easily buy from you when it’s time.

Amazing Christmas Marketing Ideas

Research by RCS UK reveals that about 38% of customers buy what they need for Christmas as early as October. Your Christmas marketing ideas should be put to work before October. Here are some holiday marketing ideas for Christmas season.

  1. Did you know that Christmas sales kick off mainly after Halloween? A good marketing strategy is to switch from Halloween marketing to Christmas marketing even without a break. Encourage your customers who patronized your store during Halloween to also buy for Christmas. In fact, your Halloween hype should introduce your Christmas specials.
  2. Go for custom packaging to increase your brand reputation. Customization is key to standing out and enticing customers to buy, and themed packaging crowns it all. Tap from Christmas waves to customize your offerings and their packaging.
  3. Stay alert to leverage on some novelty dates, starting from October through to December. China’s Singles Day, which falls on the 11th day of every November and many other specific dates are good days to sell. You can target this audience and make them loyal customers.
  4. Sell solutions to your customers and not just products. Let your customers know how your products can improve their lives and activities for good. You can always make videos to describe your products more.
  5. Free Shipping is just what many people want to hear before they get on the moving train. As a seller, adjust your pricing to ensure it caters to the cost of shipping, and don’t make the shipping cost a separate cost.

Unmatched New Year Marketing Ideas

All the holiday offers and sales end during the New Year season. That is why New Year promotional deals are unique, and you should tap from it exceptionally. It’s good to promote existing deals and offers but you don’t have to forget that many people prefer starting a new year with new resolutions and choices. Apparently, they might want to replace the old stuff. Here are five New Year marketing tips.

  1. Become more creative with your contents as people want to get inspired and motivated during the New Year. Leverage on the fact that your audience wants a fresh start to run a campaign that will generate reasonable engagement you can convert to traffic and possibly sales.
  2. Offer new products with New Year themes. For example, a body cream can be themed “new year new look.” Get this; just look for products that will entice people trying to play by the “new year new life” rules.
  3. Health products are often gold during the New Year as many people are obsessed with weight loss. Create promotions to encourage your audience to appreciate their present body state and promote your health products to them. Let them know the benefits and offer discounts too.
  4. In as much as sales tend to go down after Christmas, keep a deaf ear on that and promote your brand with New Year related products. Offer discounts and promote via emails, texts, and social channels.
  5. Go the theme-based way and customize your content promotion strategies. Don’t just promote products to your audience but add value and let them know more. You may want to share DIY formulas and other tricks.

Bottom Line

The holiday season is a time for unmatched sales if you know your way around. When you must have your store up and running, you can easily import any product in line with the demands of each season, with a few clicks, just with Ali2Woo. Then tap on killer marketing ideas to make sales more than you can expect.

However, no particular marketing strategy works for every business; you just have to implement many of them and go with the best. Remember to start on time and don’t despise giveaways and discounts.

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